5 Ways to Procrastinate Productively: Pro Tips From a Lazy Overacheiver

     Everybody knows that feeling. You have something you really need to do but you don't feel like it at the moment so you'll do literally ANYTHING else to avoid it.
 "Go do your homework!"
"Sorry mom I can't I'm cleaning my room!" 
Does this sound familiar to you? Of course it does because we've all done it at one point or another. But the true question is, are we being productive or wasting our time procrastinating what we'll inevitably have to do anyway? Well, I'm going to give you tips on how to successfully procrastinate while also doing productive things to improve your blog.

  • Mess around on Twitter
  •      This is what I do instead of work, and it's actually helped a lot. I've increased my following by about 150%, found some amazing bloggers, and also got an invitation to connect with an author with 37 books, 1 of which is being filmed! Honestly, I'm so happy that I decided to mess with Twitter, and found the amazing blogs I did. If you're going to go on social media anyway, at least go pretend to be productive on Twitter, it actually works!

  • Write a stupid/funny post (like I'm doing right now)

  •      I mean, you had to post anyway, why not make a post that you can schedule for a day. That's one less post to write later, and you'll have fun doing it. Like honestly doing this right now takes almost no thinking and is actually pretty relaxing. Who doesn't like to read a funny post every once in a while on a blog that's always serious? (who am I kidding, I'm almost never serious) Anyways, these are the perfect types of posts to draw attention to your blog, as they're easy and typically unique. How many posts do you know of detailing how to be productive while procrastinating? I don't think I've ever heard of one, much less read one.

  • Read
  •      Now, if you're like me, you're possibly avoiding reading at this very minute. Honestly, while I'm writing this the book I'm supposed to read for school is sitting next to me on the coach. But, sometimes you're supposed to write a review or read that ARC and you Just. Can't. Do. It. I understand that, which is why I prefer to put that book down and read a random story for a little while, preferably Harry Potter, to get my mind off the stress that's weighing me down. This way, when you go back to what you're actually supposed to be doing your mind will be a lot clearer than before. Also, bonus if it's a story you've never read you have a book to write a book review on, or even if it's an old one you can update an old review.

  • Make a to-do list
  •     This may not be the most entertaining task on this list, but it's definitely helpful. Whether you write down the tasks on your phone or make a full fledged color-coded calendar, it's all the same. Once you've written down everything you need to do, you'll be a lot more motivated to actually work. It could also inspire you, allowing you to work faster and possibly write a blog post.

  • Read other blogs
  •      I love looking through other blogs, not only to make new friends or find new books, but also for inspiration. I confess that I steal ideas from other blogs, but I typically put my own spin on them. Sometimes while I'm looking through them I'll notice a really tiny detail and write my own post about that detail. Overall, stalking blogs is as a great way to find inspiration and friends (not that I have much experience with those).

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    1. Awesome post! I procrastinate by using Twitter a lot as well :)

      -Erica of Erica Robyn Reads.