Dragonsoul by Kayl Karadjian

*This book was given to me for free in exchange for an honest review. This in no way affects or influences my opinion of the book.*
by Kayl Karadjian

  • Fiction, Fantasy, YA
  • 11+ for minimal violence and language
  • Published October 19th, 2016 by Kayl Karadjian

     "Littlehorn is the last dragon, born into a world that wants him dead.

     The dragon's blue scales and orange eyes are a stark contrast to the dull gray around him. The sky is gray. The ground is gray. Everything is gray, even the skin, eyes, and hair of every other living creature, including humans.

     When Denyth, a simple farmer dreaming of a world of color beyond the gray encounters Littlehorn, the two set out on a journey to find the truth of where Littlehorn came from and if there truly is a world of color beyond the gray.

     But Denyth isn't the only human who knows of Littlehorn's existence. A dragon-hunter named Zero, who has dedicated his entire life to purging anything of color, is coming after Littlehorn to finish the job.

     Dragon and human flee together to the colorful land called Evenar, coming across a host of odd, colorful creatures, including a cat-like shapeshifter who can hear the land, a pacifist troll who wields a club the size of a tree trunk, and even a group of walruses who can talk.

     Just as they think that they have found paradise, they discover a terrible secret: humanity wasn't responsible for the fall of dragons after all." -Goodreads


     The first thing I noticed was that the beginning of the novel has a very The Giver-esque feel to it. It's a world void of all color, yet something of color appears to the main character causing a journey that changes their life. However, that's where the similarities end as far as plot goes, although both have a unique plot I can almost guarantee you've never seen anywhere else. As the book continues it ropes you in, allowing you to believe this fantasy world of gray people, colorful dragons, and shapeshifters might actually exist. On a deeper level, you may even start to rethink your own life. Would you live in Evenar where no inhabitant could even entertain the idea of hurting someone, or would you become part of the gloom, killing anything that could possibly threaten your way of life? 

     Somehow, these fantastical characters were developed so well they're still relatable. Even better, they develop throughout the stories, and their decisions affect not only the world around them, but also they're actions, thoughts and how they handle things. If you decide to read this book (which you really should) then prepare yourself for falling in love with characters only to have them sent through many twists and turns, causing them (and you) much pain. Also, be prepared for plot twists and keep an open mind, the villain might not be who it seems. Finally, if you do read it then just sit back and enjoy it, and allow this book to take you places you never could've imagined.


     Dragonsoul is amazing, there's no other way to describe it. I genuinely think all lovers of fantasy should read it, and don't let the idea of it being a children's story scare you off. In all actuality, it really isn't a kid's story and while it may consider the typical fairy tale creatures, it changes them in a way you'd never expect. It's a truly magical world, and I wish Evanar were a real place (it seems so peaceful!). If you decide to go along for the ride with Denyth and Littlehorn, which I strongly recommend, there are a couple things you should know. First of all, about halfway through the story there are a couple pages including cuss words, there's probably about 5 times total, 7 at most. Also, there is a little bit of violence, however it's not graphic or descriptive just mentioned to explain what's happening. Overall, the story itself isn't hard to understand and could probably be understood by most kids 10 and up, so you most likely understand it.

About The Author

     "Kayl Karadjian is a lifelong fan of Science-Fiction and Fantasy books, Manga, and Role-playing games. He is the author of multiple books in the Tales of Ashkar and Dragonsoul series. When he is not immersed in the worlds inside his head (which is 24/7, actually), Kayl enjoys traveling and exploring nature with his wife, Catherine." - Amazon.com 

     Visit Talesofashkar.com for updates from Kayl's life and stories. You can also find colored maps of Askar on the website as well as sign up for the mailing list to receive his monthly newsletter which is "full of all sorts of goodies." (Karadjian) 

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