A Few Quiet Beers With God

A Few Quiet Beers With God
by John Perrier
  • Published February 3, 2015 by JP Publishing Australia
  • 282 pages
  • Science fiction, humor, adventure, futuristic
  • English
  • &&&&&
     "When Dave, a hopeless but lovable rogue, meets Alexandra, the girl of his dreams, he feels as though his luck has finally changed. But due to his ineptness with technology, he tragically loses touch with her.

     Meanwhile the lust for supremacy of two powerful Americans ignites a bitter feud. Their fight reaches around the globe and soon entwines not only Dave and Alexandra but also a superstar football player nicknamed 'God'.

     Their final meeting precipitates an event that no-one saw coming."-Amazon.com

     About the Author 
     "John Perrier was born in Brisbane, Australia in 1967. Perrier has published five books across a variety of genres and subjects. When he is not writing, Perrier likes to play basketball, cheer on his beloved Carlton Blues AFL side, potter in his herb garden, bush walk, play with his kids and listen to blues music, Occasionally he does two or three of these simultaneously."-Amazon

     Positive Things


     A Few Quiet Beers With God has a storyline unlike anything I've ever read. I enjoyed the uniqueness, and I think it was a great idea. Not, only did he create a unique plot, but he also, created unique characters. A drunk who's obsessed with Elvis, a girl who loves Elvis and couldn't care less about science, and two business men fighting to run the world through television. Although all these characters are different, he still manages to create a way for them all to come together and actually make sense. This is a great aspect and it could really save some other books if they had this ability.

Character Development

      As earlier referenced, Perrier creates a variety of characters, and they're all properly developed. Perrier writes with ease as seen in the realistic emotion displayed in each character. This brings them to life when faced with decisions that highlight their flaws. Take Dave for example, he's a 23 year old who's never had a job, and spends his free time in a bar listening to Elvis music. The whole book, he is completely clueless and makes reckless mistakes, staying true to his character. Now, let's look at Alexandra, she is a well educated woman, who has her life planned and knows what she wants to do. She bases her decisions on both emotion and logic and tries her hardest to find Dave, despite him being totally helpless.

       Slight Drawbacks


     Although I enjoyed the book, the love story between Dave and Alexandra was too unrealistic. They have a love at first sight moment, which in my opinion is impractical and doesn't happen in the real world. I believe that there was great potential for love to develop, but it happens too fast. Also, they are two completely different people who have only one thing in common, a love for Elvis. Not only, is this ridiculous seeing as the book is set in the future, it's highly unlikely. Most people today don't like Elvis, much less two people in the future being brought together through him. So while I enjoyed this book, I think the romance could have been written better.


     I believe that A Few Quiet Beers With God is worthy of a four star rating. Good writing, an interesting plot, and realistic characters combine to create a unique book. I believe that it would have been a five star book, if it wasn't for the improbable romance. I hope to see this book on MineEye, as I believe John Perrier deserves to receive all the profits for his book. In the end, I really enjoyed A Few Quiet Beers With God and would like to read more of his books.

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