Peter Pan

Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie is about Wendy Darling and Peter Pan and their adventures in Never Land. In the Mermaid Lagoon, Peter rescues Tiger Lilly by impersonating Captain Hook and telling Smee and other Pirates to undo her bonds and let her go. Because Peter helped Tiger Lilly, the redskins treat Peter as a Lord and protect the underground house by night.
If you like Disney's classic Peter Pan animation, you would love Barrie's Peter Pan because it has many more adventures and the ending leaves much more open to the imagination. But we won't give away the ending, you must read it to find out!


  • Peter Pan: chief of the lost boys and main character
  • Wendy Darling: pretend mother to the lost boys and second protagonist
  • Captain Hook: captain of the pirate ship the Jolly Roger
  • Micheal: Wendy's brother whom she pretends is her baby
  • John: Wendy's second brother
  • Smee: second in charge on the Jolly Roger
  • Tinker Bell: Peter Pan's fairy

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