DNF's: What It Takes

     If you're a reader you probably know what it's like to not finish a book. Whether you get distracted or don't like it, there's bound to be at least one DNF in your pile. So what exactly does it take to give up on a book?


     There are typically two reasons why I don't finish a book. The first is distractions, meaning I get distracted by another book or I don't have time to read. This can cause me to forget the storyline, which means I have to either restart the book, or continue on in the dark. I normally choose the latter and attempt to read the book with no idea what's going on, but it normally doesn't work and I end up frustrated and confused.

     However, occasionally I will choose to reread the book, which doesn't go too well either. In this case, I normally end up remembering everything just as I read it. This ruins the element of surprise is gone, also leading to frustration.

The Book

     Typically, the second reason is that I have problems with the book. It takes a lot of issues to get me to this point, as I typically read books authors sent me. I try my hardest to fight through the issues, especially if I like the plot. In these cases, it would take nonstop problems to get me to stop reading the book. An example of this is Lindsay and the Marauders. It was full of errors, but I enjoyed the storyline.

     However, even if it has great writing, a bad plot ruins a book for me. This very rarely happens, but when it does, I usually end up putting the book down. It upsets me when I have to do this, because I hate not finishing books. It makes me feel like I've given up, or I'm letting an author down.

Now you know why I don't finish books. Are there certain reasons why you don't finish books?


  1. I DNF if I just don't like the book. If I get to a point where I can't stand the thought of reading it and I find myself watching TV or doing something else just to avoid it then I will DNF it. I cringe every time I do though. lol. :)

    1. I do the same thing! I normally end up giving up on it, even if it's not on purpose.