3 Things I'm Thankful For..

     As you know, today is Thanksgiving, so I thought I would tell you what I'm thankful for. Feel free to tell me what you're thankful for in the comments, or write your own blog post. Just leave me a comment or link telling me what you're thankful for. Also, fell free to tag me on Twitter, at bookattic1, or on any other social media, the links are on the sidebar. Most of these aren't really related to books, but I thought I'd get in the spirit of the holidays.

  1. I'm Thankful to be a Part of MineEye, an up-and-coming online store dedicated to helping authors. I recently became Young Adult acquisition manager, meaning it's my job to bring in authors of Young Adult books. I haven't known the people for very long, but they seem nice and I hope to get to know them better.                                                                                                                               
  2. I'm Thankful For my Family and everything they do to support me. The best example would be my mom, she drives me everywhere, helps me with Twitter, and proofreads this blog. Without her, I wouldn't be able to have this blog or do everything I do, which includes cheer, scholars bowl, this blog, and helping with MineEye. Even when I'm rude to her, which happens quite a lot, she helps me.                                                                                                             
  3. Finally, I'm Thankful For Being Able to Live a Privileged Life the way I do. This one is important, especially right now. There are a lot of people that don't have the privileges I have. People tend to feel sorry for themselves, something I'm guilty of, but there are people much worse off than I am. So, today I'm thankful for the privileged life I lead. I go to school, have people who love me, and have a computer to run this blog. Recently, one of my friend's house caught fire, all of the people made it out, but the pets died. We haven't talked much lately, but it reminded me that something could happen at anytime, so we need to enjoy life while we still have it.

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