The Dopple Ganger Chronicles: The First Escape

The Dopple Ganger Chronicles: The First Escape by G.P Taylor, published in 2008 by Markosia Enterprises, LTD, begins at Isambard Dunstan's School for Wayward Children. Saskia's side of the story mostly takes place in Spaniards House, a big grand house on the top of Parliament Hill. Sadie's side of the story is constantly moving from Isambard Dunstan's School for Wayward Children to Hampstead to Spaniards House.

Mischievous twin sisters Sadie and Saskia Dopple think they rule Isambard Dunstan's School for Wayward Children and everyone else does too. When somebody adopts only Saskia, Sadie says she still rules even if  both girls are not together. Right before Saskia gets in the car Sadie makes a promise that she will find Saskia and they will be together. Throughout the story it switches between Sadie and Erik's adventure and Saskia's adventure.

The Main characters are Sadie and Saskia Dopple, who are completely identical except for Sadie has a yellow left eye and a blue right eye while Saskia has a blue left eye and a yellow right eye. The only other difference is Sadie thinks before she speaks making her the quieter yet more dangerous one.
Page 164-5

The Dopple Ganger Chronicles are known for their interesting mixture of comic, picture book and chapter book all smashed together between the covers. This structure makes for an interesting reads. Look at the picture to the left and see the comic strip on one page and picture book on the other.

In Great Britain G.P. Taylor is being called "The new C.S. Lewis" and "Hotter than Potter". In 2004 his first novel, Shadowmancer, reached #1 on the New York Times Best Sellers. His novels have been translated into several different languages all over the world. His other books include Shadowmancer, Wormwood, The Shadowmancer Returns: The Curse of Salamander Street, Tersias The Oracle and more. For a complete list check out his website at

I like this book and recommend it to anybody who has the time to read it. The First Escape is the beginning of the epic Dopple Ganger Chronicles. I cannot wait to read the next book in the series to see what happens next.

 IL: MG - BL: 4.7 - AR Pts: 4.0

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