Big Nate: In a Class by HImself

Big Nate 

In a Class By Himself

By Lincoln Peirce

Review by Eagle Eye-- I like this book because Nate has a dream that he is in school and one of his teachers Mrs. Godfrey calls on him even though he doesn’t know the answer.  This causes Mrs. Godfrey to be upset with him, but then he hears his alarm clock and then his dad gets him out of his bed.  Nate thinks he’s destined for greatness but he’s not sure what that greatness is.  He says that there is a lot of ways for a school day to go wrong.  One thing is the teacher can nail you with a test that you never saw coming!  He has a friend names Francis who is kind of different—he thinks he has to eat his lunch in alphabetical order.  He has another friend named Teddy and he has a whole bunch of nicknames for the teachers.  Nate gets in a lot of trouble in this book and gets a lot of detentions.  But, he gets a fortune cookie from Teddy that says today you will surpass all others.  He thinks that it’s a sign that he will be great.  He also has a comic strip.  If you want to find out all the reasons why he goes to detention, you will have to read the book.  I really recommend this book it is very good!!

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