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Having children of my own, I understand the fear of giving your little people's information to a stranger, even if it is for something educational. Just to clarify, Book-Attic doesn't need anything other than an email address, a first name and a grade level from each child. With what information we have, we will generate a screen name to track points throughout the summer. The email provided will not be bombarded with emails from Book-Attic, either.

If your child chooses to enter a review to be published on the site for two extra points, or a video for one point, I will simpy add a first name (or a screen name if you prefer) and age to the review. Even the gift card will be sent via email without any other information. Please don't hesitate to join Challenge 2012 for privacy reasons. Book-Attic respects each and every families privacy.

Thank you for taking interest in Book-Attic! I hope to receive many enrollment emails! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email

 I would also like to extend a special thanks to JoVoli Clark and all the Lawrence Virtual School staff that has helped Makenzie and Book-Attic
reach more children and families. We truly appreciate everything anyone has done to help!!

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