The Torn World by Melanie Karsak

*Contains spoilers for The Harvesting, Midway, The Shadow Aspect, and Witch Wood.*

The Torn World
by Melanie Karsak

  • YA, Fiction, Horror
  • 14+ for gore, mild language, zombies and witchcraft
  • Published August 31st, 2016 by Clockpunk Press

     "Our world is dead.

     With the undead walking, vampires hunting, and kitsune closing in, everything seems lost. Layla and the others will need help if there is any hope of survival. But how can you endure in the dying world?

    Join Layla, Cricket, Amelia, and the other survivors for the final chapter of The Harvesting Series in The Torn World."
- Goodreads


     Like the rest of the series, this book was FANTASTIC! Melanie Karsak is such a great writer and knows how to make the characters relatable, even though they're trying to save the world from zombies and vampires. Unfortunately, the series is over and we'll never join Layla, Cricket, Amelia, and the rest of our their friends in adventure again! I'm upset to see them go and will be missing them for a long time! Hopefully we'll get a couple additional novellas about life after the series ends so I can get the much needed closure!

     Why do I need novellas for closure? Well, I need these novellas because ONCE AGAIN an author finished off a series with a cliffhanger! WHO DOES THAT? I trust them with all my feelings and they throw them out the window along with all of my favorite characters, like say for instance a certain girl's fiancĂ©! I hope that all of these cruel authors find a book that causes them the amount of emotional pain they're causing me! If there ever is another book in the series though, I will buy it and read it IMMEDIATELY! (When will I learn?!) Despite my obvious frustration with the ending, the book really was enjoyable and I wish I could read the series for the first time again!


     If you like young adult fiction and are looking for your next book, I totally recommend The Harvesting Series, which consists of three books and two novellas. If you are reading this review, you (hopefully) have read the other four parts of the series, but if you haven't and are holding back because of the horror, don't let that stop you. I read the first book as a twelve year old who was still afraid of the dark, and LOVED it! (You'll have to take my word for it because I'm ashamed of the post itself, and how bad of a reviewer I was, but if you insist on proof you can find it in August of 2014.) The series never loses it's appeal and actually gets better as it progresses! I recommend this book to anyone looking for a young adult book to add to their bookshelves. (I mean look at those covers!)

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