Luna Lovegood and Clarisse McClellan: One and the Same

     So recently I had to read Fahrenheit 451 for school, for the second time, and I realized just how similar Luna Lovegood and Clarisse McClellan really are. Now, with Luna being one of my favorite characters, it was extremely hard for me to accept the similarities between the two, seeing as I REALLY dislike Fahrenheit 451. I've been thinking more about these two characters and, after finally accepting the similarities, admit that they are virtually the same in every way possible.

     Neither character is afraid to show their true colors, a fact made very evident through both the dialogue and actions of both girls. These girls are both considered outcasts in their separate worlds for nothing other than being different. This doesn't stop them from doing what makes them and loved ones happy, however. In Clarisse's universe, she's considered "antisocial" and "weird" for not wanting to sit in front of a TV all day, preferring to talk to people or think instead. She enjoys the simple things in life, such as talking, thinking, and walking in the rain. On the other hand, Luna is considered weird in her world for very different reasons. She can be spacey and sees things in a way most people don't, choosing to look past appearances, and instead judging people based on their actions. Both girls are very carefree and choose to look at things in a different way then most.

     Impact On Others

    Neither girl has many friends and the few they do have are very dear to their heart. Until her fourth year of Hogwarts, Luna's only friend is Ginny, and even the supposedly "kind" house treats her rudely. She opens up a new, though strange, world to the Golden Trio and, eventually, they become friends. Although she's just another friend to the trio, Luna loves her new friends enough to paint a mural of Neville, Ginny, Harry, Hermione, and Ron on her ceiling. Similarly, Guy Montag was Clarisse's first friend, apart from her family, and she loved talking to him. She felt that he understood her and listened to her, even when nobody else did. Both girls value friendship above anything else, and would do anything to keep the few friends they do have.


    Both girl's personalities are very unique, belonging only to them, but I wouldn't have them any other way. Personally, I like to think of Clarisse McClellan as a Ravenclaw, as she fits all the personality requirements, intelligent, creative, thoughtful, and open-minded. Clarisse and Luna are like two peas in a pod, and I firmly believe that if they met they would instantly be best friends. They display their quirks proudly, whether that be through searching for Nargles (I need a pair of these Dirigible plum earrings), or walking around tasting the rain. It would be a shame to see either girl lose these precious habits that make them so interesting.

     Blond hair and fair skin is a common factor between the two, but very rare in both worlds. I believe that this paleness is symbolic for the innocence both girls embody. They've both witnessed horrible things, but have never done anything, hence the dark eyes (loss of innocence) and the pale features (innocence). The worlds of both girls are populated mostly by brunettes with very few blondes thrown into the mix. Also, the girl's look different from the rest of their society, a physical representation of the way both girls are outcasts.      

    While both girls are outcasts for most of their lives, both girls do find a place they belong, although Clarisse's time doesn't last much longer. Apart from a few minor details (like Clarisse dying, but who needs to remember that right?) Luna and Clarisse are extremely similar in most ways, including, but not limited to, looks, personality, uniqueness, and their impact on others.

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