Identity Crisis: Hogwarts Edition

     Okay, so I never remember my Pottermore information, so every time I go on I make a new account and redo everything, and I've always had the same results. Until NOW! I recently made a new account and took the sorting hat quiz and... my house CHANGED! I've always been a Ravenclaw, I pride myself on it, although I typically walk the line between Slytherin and Ravenclaw. I am now a Slytherin, and I love Slytherin, honestly they're so underrated, but I'm having an identity crisis! What if everything I thought I knew about myself was wrong? I didn't even know my true Hogwarts house! Okay rant over, let's move on now.

     In other news, I've also become a Horned Serpent in Ilvermony (what is it with snakes J.K.?) and I'm very proud to be the house of the scholars. Their house pictures are so pretty, I love it! I also took the wand test and got the same thing I always have, 10 3/4 inches, unicorn hair, hard flexibility, although the wood type did change from god knows what to pine. According to Pottermore, wands with unicorn hair centers are the least likely to switch over to the Dark Arts so YAY for good Slytherins! Last but not least, I took the patronus test and got a falcon, which to be honest, I really don't know that much about. So, other than the house swap I'm the same wizard I've always been and plan to stay that way! What's your house, and if the answer is "I don't have one" then why are you still here? Share your wizarding information below, and if you're a proud Slytherin then hit me up in the comments!

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