Shape-shifting September!-Makenzie

     Here at Book-Attic, we've decided to a post dedicated entirely to shape-shifters.  This post will be to explain shape-shifters and were-creatures. We will be focusing on multiple kinds of shape-shifters from different books and series. Those series include, but aren't limited to, Harry Potter, Twilight, Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, and The Mortal Instruments. Before we begin keep in mind that were-creatures and shape-shifters are two different species.         


I believe a shape-shifter is anyone or anything that changes form on will whereas most people see them as any being who changes form. An example of would be the Greek Gods. They can turn into any form they want and always control it. The Greek Gods typically use their shape-shifting abilities to confuse or take advantage of people. Jacob Black, from Twilight,  changes form willingly and although Meyers classifies him as a werewolf, Edward and Aro later clarify that he's a shape-shifter.                                                    
"These creatures truly have nothing to do with the Children of the Moon. They have merely inherited this skill from their fathers. It's genetic, they do not continue their species by infecting others the way true werewolves do." -Aro, Breaking Dawn
     Boggarts, a creature from Harry Potter, area unique form; half shape-shifter, half were-creature. For those of you who don't know what this creature is, they're magical creatures that turn into a person's worst fear. Bogggarts control this change, but lose control after that. Once a witch or wizard has cast the Ridikulus spell, the fearsome image is changed into something funny. For example, Ron Weasley's fear is spiders. When he casts this spell, the giant spider shaped boggart suddenly has roller-skates and he starts slipping around, therefore diminishing Ron's fear.


   There is only one significant difference between were-creatures and shape-shifters; they can't control their changes. Vampires are an interesting type of being, they only change once. When the vampire is first bitten, it is not a voluntary change, making it a were-creature, in my opinion. Then there's the classic example, a were-wolf. These creatures change once a full moon into a horrific monster without self-control. Once the full moon is over, the majority of the time, the person has no recollection of the time when they were in wolf form.        I enjoyed writing about these unique and interesting creatures. I hope to hear your take on the topic. Also, if you want to hear my take on a specific kind of shape-shifter, just ask I'd be happy to answer!   

Let the shape-shifting begin!


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