I would recommend Paradigm by Ceri A. Lowe, published June 13th, 2014, to fantasy or sci-fi lovers.

   Alice Davenport was only 11 when the Storms, a series of patterned rain fall, started. One day her mother went to work and didn't come back. After a few days Mr. Hutchinson came knocking at the door and came to help her. After she is attacked and has to resort to killing Mr. Hutchinson, the safety boat from Paradigm Industries saves her. After spending approximately 4 or 5 years Alice and a team of workers go outside to find a toxic wasteland
of what used to be London, England, determined to get rid of anything that reminds people of life before the Storms.The water is toxic, animals have cross-bred to create deadly animals that hunt in patterns, and you can't eat most of the food growing in or outside of the city.

     Four generations later Carter Warren  is living in the Community, old London.  Father of the first set of twins since before the Storms, he is desperate for some change. He wants to read books, play music and look at art. Planning to become Controller General, he hopes to bring these back. Carter goes out into the dangerous
Deadlands outside the Community and finds things he never expected. Along the way he finds his daughter's dead body in a tunnel. After his mentor escapes with her true identity, a hidden competitor trying to become Controller General, he is alone with the task of the finding his way to shelter. Will Alice finish the task of making the city safe and erasing her past? Will Carter survive and find shelter from the rain and the wolves? Read Paradigm to find out. 

     Paradigm is a dystopian YA novel about an apocalyptic land after the end of the world. I wouldn't suggest reading this to anybody under the age of 12 because it is kind of complex and can be difficult to follow because of the multiple storylines. Paradigm is the first book in the Paradigm trilogy.

    I give Paradigm 4/5 stars because, although the book was very well-written it lo, the cover looks plaigarized from Divergent by Veronica Roth.


  1. I agree with you! When I saw the cover, Divergent was the first thing that came across my mind. Then I found out that it's a dystopian book, so I was skeptical to read it because I feared it would be similar to Divergent. I'm glad you enjoyed it, though! :)))

  2. This book sounds intriguing, but I agree - what is going on with that cover? It does look way too similar to the Divergent books. I'm glad you liked the story anyway, though!

  3. The cover does remind me a lot of Divergent now that you mention it... Great review though! I'm considering adding this book to my TBR!