Hoppy the Bunny

            I recently wrote this story as a christmas present for my sister Kyleigh. Please read it and in the comments tell me what you thought about it.

 Hoppy the Bunny

            Once upon a time in the magical forest of Fairy Tale Land a baby bunny was born. Now this bunny was no ordinary bunny, he was the bunny prince. The day he was born all the animals of the forest came to see him. He was so hoppy that they named him Hoppy. 
            As Hoppy grew he became the hoppiest creature in the forest. One day when he was hopping around he came across a little girl. “Hello,” exclaimed Hoppy cheerfully “What are you doing?”
            The little girl, Miranda, screamed and ran away. After a little while she came back. The little girl found it safe and picked Hoppy up.
“You can talk,” asked Miranda cautiously as she walked up. She started to grow curious about how she got there.
“Why yes, all the creatures here in Fairy Tale Forest can.” said Hoppy “Can they not where you’re from.”
“Well no,” said Miranda “Where I’m from animals never talk, especially not bunnies like you.” Miranda was starting to wonder about where she was and why animals talked. “Is this a trick?” asked Miranda looking around for her friends. “Where am I?” asked Miranda “I want to go home!”
“You’re in the Fairy Tale Forest of course,” said Hoppy “Where else would you be.” “Are you not from Fairy Tale Land?” asked Hoppy.
“No. No I am not. Who are you? I demand you tell me right now.” said Miranda.  Miranda was growing angry and was anxious to get home.
“I am the bunny prince of the forest all animals look up to me even the raccoons and deer. Wait the squirrels don’t, stuck up squirrels, think they’re so good.” said Hoppy.
“No.” said Miranda “No I am not.” “I am taking you home with me.” said Miranda.” She picked Hoppy up and started walking home.
Along the way Hoppy tried to escape quite a lot but never succeeded. “Why are you doing this? Who are you! What is your name little girl?” asked Hoppy.
“My name is Miranda. I am taking you home to show my parents. You are my pet now.” said Miranda.
As Hoppy squirmed he got free for a minute. Miranda noticed and picked right back up. “You cannot do this. As the bunny prince I demand you put me down.” screamed Hoppy. Miranda ignored him so he screamed “RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!
At home Miranda put Hoppy on the bed and called her friends to come over. “Look” said Miranda “I have found a bunny in the forest. His name is Hoppy” said Miranda matter-of-factly. She picked him up and shoved him in a tux. “I’m taking him to school tomorrow” announced Miranda as she put him in a bag.
“Help!” screamed Hoppy “I have been kidnapped!!”
“What was that?!” screamed all three friends at once “Are we being attacked!?”
“No,” said Miranda “It was just Hoppy he can talk.” Miranda took Hoppy out of the bag and sat him on the bed. “Look nothing except Hoppy” said Miranda. “Now I am going to tell mommy and daddy I have adopted a bunny.”
When Miranda told her parents they screamed “What” and ran to her bedroom. When they got there disaster had struck. Hoppy had torn up the entire bed pooped on the floor and dumped the trash. “Miranda” they yelled “since your bunny did it you pick it up” and then they stomped out.
“Hoppy what have you done!” screamed Miranda. She started picking up the room. “Until you learn how to act you are not leaving this cage.” She then stuck Hoppy into the cage furiously.
“Hey it wasn’t my fault” he said “I had to get used to the place and I did”. He jumped around the cage looking for an exit. “At least give me food.” he said hungrily. “And water.” he added.
“Fine!” screamed Miranda as she shoved a bowl of water into the cage. She left to go get rabbit food from the pet store.
While she was gone Hoppy jumped out of the cage. When he saw the window he tried to jump outside but he smashed into the glass.
When Miranda’s parents found him they took him to the pet store. The manager found him so he put Hoppy in a cage. When Miranda found him she bought him back and went home.

“What are you doing there Hoppy?” asked Miranda “You were lucky I found you before some other little kid did. Then you would never get home.”
            “Well” said Hoppy “I got out of the cage. I tried to hop outside but ran into glass. Then your parents found me and brought me here”
            “I have decided to take you back to your home” said Miranda. That afternoon Miranda and Hoppy went to the Fairy Tale Forest.
There was an odd pause then Hoppy said “Well I guess this is good bye. Goodbye Miranda. I will never forget you.”
            “Goodbye’. I will never forget you either. You are the best thing that ever happened to me.” said Miranda through her tears.
            The odd pair never did forget each other but they did move on. Miranda grew up got married and had five kids, Joanne, Lacy, Bob, Edward and the youngest Mary. Hoppy grew up got a bunny wife and had two kids a black and white bunny, Oreo and a white bunny, Lanie.

And They All Lived Happily Ever After.

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