The Brothers Grimm

You may know the name Grimm from a book of fairy tales. What you may not know is how many of them were Jacob and Wilhelm's (The Brothers Grimm). What do you think of when somebody says Cinderella? Does The Brothers Grimm come to mind, probably not, you probably think Disney or Nick because of the movies. Well they weren't the ones who came up with it, The Brothers Grimm did. Actually they just wrote it down, it had existed long before they were born. The Brothers Grimm didn't actually create any stories, they just heard them from people and wrote them down.

When you think Rapunzel your mind probably goes to Tangled but guess what, The Brothers Grimm wrote that too! However, it has been changed quite a lot since the original. In the original The evil woman does not go out to the kingdom, Rapunzel's hair does not heal and the prince, yes prince not thief, gets his eyes poked out.

The Brothers Grimm lived in Germany their whole lives. The Brothers Grimm always loved stories, it didn't matter what it was about. One of their favorites though was one with princes and princesses wicked step sisters and balls- we call it "Cinderella".

When they lived Germany was many different kingdoms. All Germans had in common was their language. They didn't even think of themselves as Germans they thought of themselves as Prussians or Hessians.They wrote the fairy tales down not only for enjoyment but to help bring the country together. How can Stories bring a whole country together? Well the stories were something all Germans had in common it was something to be proud of. Neither man lived long enough to see their country united. However they brought joy to generations to follow.

Today adults and children all over the world still read The Brothers Grimm's fairy tale. If you would like to read it for yourself follow this link.

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