The Dollhouse Murders

    The Dollhouse Murders by Betty Ren Wright is about twelve year old Amy as she tries to uncover the mysteries of the dollhouse. Dolls move by themselves, lights go on and off and murders are revealed.

    Amy’s great-grandparents were murdered but the murderer was never found. Amy’s Aunt Clare suspects her fiance Tom was the murderer because he was drunk and angry at her grand parents the night of the murder. The true killer comes as a shock to all!
   Secondary character Louann, Amy's younger sister, is mentally handicap. In the beginning of the story, Amy believes Louann is a burden because she always has to care for her. This makes it difficult for Amy to keep friends and therefore makes it difficult for Amy to appreciate and love her younger sister. Through the aid of the dollhouse mystery, Amy learns to love Louann and have friends while taking care of Louann.
    This book was nominated for the Edgar Award for the best mystery book in 1984. Two years later, it  was chosen for the Young Reader’s Choice Award in 1986, an award given out by the kids from the Pacific Northwest. The Dollhouse Murders also received the Mark Twain Award for humor the same year. I think it clearly deserved all these awards because it was a great book.