Upcoming Reviews: Take a part?

Makenzie and I went to the bookstore to gather Newbery Award and Honor Novels. We are happy to announce we now own 30 of the much larger amount of Newbery Award books chosen since 1922. We hope to bring to you in the very near future the books that follow. Of course we have MANY more up our sleeves but for now, this is our selection.


biconAlthough we are just up and going, we would like to reach out to any reader, young or old in the words of Makenzie, eager to assist in our voyage through the seas of discovery through reading. All we ask is you read the book and write a brief summary and opinion of the book. We will add photos and links to your text before posting it to Book-Attic. Makenzie would like to ensure you have full credit for your summary so simply type your name as you would like it posted online. And most importantly, read what you like as long as it is considered children’s literature.

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