Castle in the Attic

Makenzie and Tori's Review

The Castle in the Attic, by Elizabeth Winthrop, is about ten year old William who is on a quest to save the Silver Knight who has been shrunk by the evil wizard Alastor's spell. Also, he must make his nanny, Mrs.Phillips, big again with the lost half of the magical token that shrunk the Silver Knight and Mrs. Phillips.

William begins the story as a baby. He is ten years old but unable to care for himself. Instead of trying to keep Mrs. Phillips from leaving, he should have worked harder to keep contact once she did leave. What he chose to do instead was childish and inconsiderate. By the end of the story, William is forced to learn to care for himself when he finds himself all alone in the dangerous and magical forest.

I would recommend this book to fantasy lovers because of the Through the Cabinet theme. William leaves the safety of the modern day world and travels through time to Medieval England to experience life as a squire.

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