Anne of Green Gables

anne_coverAnne of Green Gables is the story of Anne Shirley, an eleven year old orphaned girl. When Anne arrives at Green Gables, her adopted mother Marilla Cuthbert does not meet her with kind open arms. Expecting a boy, Marilla debates whether to send Anne back to the orphanage, but after extensive consideration, she decides to give Anne a home. The situation is not always pleasant and often times leads to a bit of conflict, but in the end Marilla becomes devoted to Anne.
The key elements of the story are imagination and emotion. Anne lets her emotion get the better of her quite often. The worst of it being when she refuses friendship with Gilbert Blythe out of pure anger over a childish incident. Even after Gilbert helps assist her down from a tree stump, Anne still refuses to befriend him.
Readers watch Anne grow from a talkative day dreamer to a young lady. As Anne grows, she is able to pay attention more and daydream less. She still day dreams but, the results are not as disastrous. Instead of accidentally giving a friend wine in place of Raspberry Currant, mistakes become less detrimental such as using improper ingredients in cake.

Important Characters:
Anne Shirley: antagonist
Marilla & Matthew Cuthbert: adopted parents
Diana Barry: Anne's bosom friend
Rachel Lynde: town busy body
Gilbert Blythe: Anne's rival

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