Wolf Tower by Tanith Lee

Wolf Tower  is about Claidi, a 16 year old maid, and Nemian, a handsome stranger from the Waste. Claidi and Nemian are on a mission to Wolf Tower one of the four towers, Raven Tower, Tiger Tower, Pig Tower and Wolf Tower. Claidi, for the very first time, is out of the House and facing the Waste in this exciting adventure.


Claidi: Maid servant of spoiled and stubborn princess and protagonist
Nemian: handsome stranger from the Waste second protagonist
Jizania Tiger: most important of the old ladies and helps Claidi escape
Blurn: bandit
Argul: leader of the bandits

Wolf Tower takes place in the Waste which is said to be a horrible, poisonous land  populated with bandits. Claidi learns that this is untrue and the Waste actually  has other cities where people can live. On the other hand, some of the Waste proves to be just as horrid as rumors say. For example, in the Rain Gardens the continuous rain is red and a carrot like fruit falls from the trees exploding on the ground.

Claidi's quest begins because she wants to get away from the intolerable House where she serves a stubborn princess. Her search to find a better place ends at Wolf Tower where she learns that the grass may not always be greener on the other side, or is it?

I like Wolf Tower because it is full of adventure and decisions, like whether to escape with Nemian or not. I would recommend this book to people who like dystopian fantasy such as Lois Lowry's Trilogy.

Wolf Tower is the first book in The Claidi Journal Series. Check it out at Tanith Lee at Amazon.com

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